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What the F(RIZZ)AQ

How FRIZZA works?

Register yourself on FRIZZA. Install apps from FRIZZA. Use them for some time and see your earnings in your FRIZZA wallet

How to use FRIZZA earnings?

a. Prepaid mobile recharge for almost all Indian mobile carriers

b. Pay postpaid mobile bills

My wallet is not credited?

a. Earnings will be credited only if

  • You install the offer for the first time on your device
  • You didn’t install the app through other cashback apps
  • You install the app directly from FRIZZA app (but not through searching in google play store)
  • Not just installing but also using the app
  • You sign up or register with valid details for form filling and app register offers

b. It is recommended to read the instructions before

How can I recharge my mobile?

a. Enter mobile number

b. Select network operator and circle of the mobile.

c. Enter the recharge value which is available for that particular network operator and circle

I did not receive recharge?

a. If you have entered valid recharge value for your network operator and circle then you will get instant recharge

b. At times there might be server delays but completion of your recharge is for sure

Can I pay postpaid bills?

a. Yes. You can pay postpaid bills of Indian mobile networks

How to get referral earnings?

a. All you have to do is refer your cool dude

b. Ask to use your referral code during sign up

c. Once an app is installed through FRIZZA both of you will receive earnings

d. Remember... This is only for first time users